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Bakers of all ages enjoy Birthdays, Camps, Classes, and Team Building Activities at Tal’s!

We use real eggs, real butter, organic flour, and local produce for everything we make- from our baked goods to our catered dinners.




In Haifa, Israel, you smell the morning before even waking up.

The winding sandstone roads of this friendly township are full of locally owned businesses that thrive in the sea and sun-soaked paradise. And its crown jewel has become a staple of Israeli cuisine and culture: the Konditoria.

Konditorias are the near-east version of an Italian cafe. The fresh coffee, charming decor and community atmosphere have been pleasing patrons for generations. But what keeps them coming back day after day are the pastries.

Israeli pastries are made by hand and shared to create a sense of family between strangers. Their unique flavors full of Mediterranean inspiration are the perfect way to start the day or celebrate a special occasion.

At Tal's patisserie we prepare these ancient recipes with a modern twist. By combining Israel's culinary heritage with exciting French influences, we have created the perfect way to say "good morning."

We hope you come and share one with us soon.

- Tal Sendrovitz