Cake Menu

All of our cakes, icings, and frostings are made from scratch using real butter, organic flour, pesticide-free fruit and no corn syrup or preservatives. Our cakes are made-to-order and require a 4-day advance notice.

For customized designs, please have inspiration pictures ready to email:

Please call us to place your order: 925-820-8100. Thank you!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse filling, chocolate discs on the side and shaved chocolate on top.

White Chocolate/Lemon Custard Cake

White lemon sponge cake, a custard with the tart of lemon and the sweetness of white chocolate, dark Belgium chocolate disks covering the sides.

Strawberry Cake

White sponge cake, vanilla custard and lots of whipped cream with fresh strawberries throughout. Sliced almonds on the sides.

Swiss Velvet

The Waldorf Astoria original recipe but without the artificial red food coloring. We give our cake the signature red color using fresh raspberries, fill it with smooth cream cheese decadence, and cover it in light cream cheese frosting.

Fresh Fruit

White sponge cake, vanilla custard filled with fresh pesticide free or organic seasonal fruits, whipped cream with fresh strawberries. Sliced almonds on the sides.


Our wonderfully moist carrot cake with nuts, raisins, and filled and covered in cream cheese frosting. Decorated with sliced almonds.

6” (6-8 people): $36

6” tall (8+  people): $46

8” (10-15 people): $46

8” tall (12+ people): $58

10” (20-28 people): $65

12” (45-50 people): $89

¼ Sheet (20-25 people): $64

½ Sheet (45-50 people): $105

Full Sheet (85-95 people): $205


Buttercream Frosting: $8-$40 (Dependent upon size)

Fondant Disc with Custom Message: $5

We are happy to add custom fondant or special decorations for an extra cost (varies)